What is EyeQ?

EyeQ is an online platform designed to improve the skills, knowledge and performance of your employees by using Virtual Reality for training. With EyeQ you can create, manage, distribute and analyse your own VR training scenarios. Upload 360° content, create training questions, design different VR scenarios and let your employees learn, train and examine in a VR experience. This way, EyeQ is a modern immersive way of learning which creates VR training in a blink of an eye.

Take a subscription

Contact the EyeQ team, choose your subscription and log in.

Upload your content

Put your created 360° content and 2D images in your media library.

Create VR scenarios

Design your VR training with the uploaded content and types of questions.

Enter your students

Enter the data of the employees and let them experience your VR training.

Analyse data

View and analyse the employee’s results.

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Specifications of EyeQ

With EyeQ you can create, manage, distribute and analyse your own VR training scenarios.
Design VR cources easily and quickly by yourself or with our helpdesk support.

Design your own VR scenarios

Manage your content, types of questions and your VR training in an easy-to-use CMS.

3 different learning methods

Learn, train and examine the knowledge of your employees and see what can be approved.

Result and analytics

Analyse the performance of your employees when they have finished your VR training and save their results.

Create your own VR database

Fill the CMS with 360° content, questions and training and (re)use it for different scenarios.

2 different training types

Choose the training type that best suits the goal and situation you want to train in your VR scenario.

EyeQ supports the Oculus Quest 2. The best stand-alone and wireless Virtual Reality headset on the market.

EyeQ supports the Oculus Quest 2

We'll tell you why!

Advantages of EyeQ

VR is the most realistic, impactful and cost-effective way to train, educate and learn anytime anywhere.


VR training puts your employees in real-life situations which enriches your training courses.


VR training creates an impact which is better remembered, increasing knowledge and skills.

Cost effective

VR training, everywhere and anytime. No expensive training facilities, materials or operational downtime.


Three different learning methods

Improve your employees knowledge and skills by using learning, training and examining methods during your VR scenarios.


The employees learn to use the system. In this way they become familiar with the situations and the questions.


Train your employees so that they know how to give the right answers in different scenarios.


Test the knowledge of your employees by taking an exam.


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