The immersive VR training and learning platform

The new way of learning for organizations and their employees.


Upload any 360° content. For example photo or video content.


Add hotspots, animations, conditions, quizzes, and more.


Publish your training or simulation to the web. Now users can practice!


View live scores and see where the trainees can improve.

What is EyeQ?

EyeQ is an online platform which enables you to use Virtual Reality for training. VR is the most impactful, immersive and cost-effective way to train, educate and learn anytime anywhere. Virtual Reality learning is the new way of learning for companies and their employees.

Start with VR training today

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EyeQ can help you with creating your own virtual reality training and offers immersive training scenarios for your employees.


What do you need for VR training?

Getting started with your own virtual reality training is simple. You only need three things:

  • The first thing you need is 360° content. You can create this yourself, but we also have partners who could help you out!
  • Secondly, you need the VR training platform. That’s us, EyeQ!
  • Lastly, you need a VR headset. We love and use the Oculus Go, which is available in every (online) retail store.

After this, you are ready to go!

What do you need for VR training?

With EyeQ you can create, manage, distribute, and analyse your own virtual reality training scenarios. 
Design VR courses easily and quickly by yourself or with our helpdesk support.

Easy to use

Upload your 360° content, design different virtual reality scenarios and let your employees train your VR experience. With EyeQ you can easily set up your VR training.

Build to improve your employees

By using VR for training purposes you significantly increase the knowledge, skills, and performance of your employees. EyeQ is a modern immersive way of learning.

A cloud based VR platform

Design, save and modify your virtual reality training scenarios whenever you want. You can login on EyeQ everywhere, the only thing you need is an internet connection.

Monitor, progress and performance

Train, learn and examine the user’s behaviour in your VR scenarios. Check and analyse the performance of your VR training and your employees with EyeQ.