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Improve your workforce

Use Virtual Reality for traininglearningeducation

An immersive way to train and develop your employees

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EyeQ can help you design your own VR training and offer immersive training scenarios for your employees.

EyeQ Platform


VR training puts your employees in real-life situations which enriches your training courses.


VR training creates an impact which is better remembered, increasing knowledge and skills.

Cost effective

VR training, everywhere and anytime. No expensive training facilities, materials or operational downtime.

New way of training

Immersive learning is the new way of learning for companies, VR training offers the most immersive experience available today.

What do you need for VR training?

Getting started with your own VR training is simple. You need three things. 360° content, we have partners who could help. VR training platform, that’s us, eyeQ! And a VR device, we love and use the Oculus Go, available in every (online) retail store.

eyeQ platform

How does eyeQ help with VR training?

With eyeQ you can create, manage, distribute and analyse your own VR training scenarios. Design VR courses easily and quickly by yourself or with our helpdesk support.

Easy to use

Upload your 360° content, design different VR scenarios and let your employees train your VR experience. Using VR for training is simple and user-friendly with eyeQ.

Build to improve your employees

Use VR for training to significantly increase the knowledge, skills and performance of your employees. EyeQ is a modern immersive way of learning.

A cloud based VR platform

Design, save and modify your Virtual Reality training scenarios whenever you want. EyeQ is place-and timeless, you only need an internet connection and login.

Monitor progress and performance

Train, learn and examine the behaviour and its effects in your VR scenarios. Check and analyse the performance of your VR training and your employees with eyeQ.

Start VR training with eyeQ now!

Contact us, register and log in

Feel free to contact us, after receiving your account credentials you can log in.

Create VR scenarios

After logging in you can start immediately with designing your VR scenarios.

Distribute your VR training

VR training ready? We built your app for the Oculus Go with Oculus keys.