Dutch fire brigade

Situational incident command

With the help of Goodwork, the Dutch fire brigade has implemented Virtual Reality in their learning process. 

Read below how the Dutch fire brigade uses VR to train and improve their leadership skills with the use of Virtual Reality!

Training leadership skills

From a fire on a ship to a nursing home – the situation is different every time. The firefighters are placed in realistic scenarios, after which they are asked how they will handle that specific situation. In this way both the situational incident command and situational leadership skills of the firefighters are being trained.

"I would certainly recommend offering virtual reality as a training tool for other organizations.
Virtual reality is very realistic, it is easy to use, and you can run all exercises again in one location."

Hans Wit
Senior Specialist Vakbekwaamheid regio Noord-Holland Noord

”VR creates a more realistic image to portray certain situations.”

Virtual reality allows the fire brigade to set up various scenarios, in which the firefighters can get a good picture of what is happening on the spot. They can thus easily approach reality in this way, without being present at the actual location.

By using VR, you only have to stage a situation once, after which you can use it indefinitely for training purposes. So they don’t have to imitate a practical situation in real life time and time again.

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