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At EyeQ, we aim to provide the best possible product for our customers.

We strive to get the most of EyeQ for our customers. As long as our client is happy, we are happy! We do that by providing a stable platform and top notch service!

You can read our succes stories below, giving you an indication of what EyeQ can mean for your organization.

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Customer statements

"Ever since we incorporated the EyeQ technology in our training packages, we have seen that trainees are reacting to it postively. Trainnees are trained better and faster, leading to mor satisfaction. Incorporating Virtual Reality in our business model has proven to provide an extensive amount of benefits'
Pieter Roordink
"The platform leaves the development of the training completely to the customer. In this way, the customer decides exactly what the training should look like, what kind of questions will be asked and what imagery will be used to support these questions. It basically makes you the director of your own training environment."
Denis van Heerden