Oculus Go

EyeQ supports the
Oculus Go

Oculus Go is the best stand-alone Virtual Reality headset on the market at this moment. Because the Oculus Go is mobile, wireless and needs no other device to experience VR, makes it a very good VR goggle for VR training.

Update 24 June 2020: Oculus announces that the Oculus Go VR headset will be discontinued as of 4 December 2020. EyeQ will be supporting the excellent Oculus Quest VR headset onwards. More information.

When you have questions about the Oculus
Go or eyeQ feel free to contact our team!

Why do we prefer the
Oculus Go?

We think the Oculus Go is the best fit for VR training because it is mobile, good quality and easy to use.


The Oculus Go can be taken anywhere to give a VR training. It only needs an internet connection.


The Oculus Go offers good value for your money. It is affordable, comfortable to wear and has a solid build quality.

Easy to use

The Oculus Go is available in every retail store, has a pointer for interaction and can be used directly out of the box.

Other specs of the Oculus Go


With a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a pixel density of 538 PPI the VR experience will be very sharp.


Sound gives anohter dimension to a VR training. The speakers are perfectly placed and it’s also possible to connect your headset.


The Oculus Go fits everyone, even when you are wearing glasses. The Oculus Go is easy adjustable to fit your head perfectly.