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Driving in Virtual Reality

DRI-VR: The new company that uses Virtual Reality to support driving classes.

By transforming driving classes to a Virtual environment, beginning drivers can safely practice traffic rules, hazard awareness and general driving behaviour.

The owner of DRI-VR, Pieter Roordink, was one of EyeQ’s first customers. Read below how Pieter has been able to update his classes with the use of Virtual Reality!

”An average student spends 43 hours in a learner car.”

28 hours are spent on traffic insights. That leaves 15 hours for practicing physical driving skills.

Since driving lessons are perceived as expensive, Pieter started to think of ways to make driving lessons more efficient. After doing a lot of research, he eventually felt that Virtual Reality would provide a perfect solution to this problem. However, Pieter wanted to have full control over the creation of the VR classes. This has lead him to partner up with EyeQ, giving Pieter the opportunity to take full control over the direction of the VR driving classes.

"The platform leaves the development of the training completely to the customer. This way, the customer decides exactly what the training should look like, which kind of questions will be asked and which imagery will be used to support these questions. It basically makes you the director of your own training environment.
EyeQ gave me the opportunity to create an entirely new tool to help people learn how to drive, that is already proving to be succesfull!’’
Pieter Roordink
Founder of DRI-VR