Oculus Go ends december 2020

As of 4 december 2020 Oculus will no longer sell and support the Oculus Go VR headset. Apps on the Oculus Go, such as EyeQ, will continue to function and security updates will be provided by Oculus through 2022. EyeQ will support the Oculus Quest VR headset onwards.

  • Will I be able to update my courses and publish new courses from the CMS to the Oculus Go after December 2020?
    – Yes, you can still update and publish new courses. However, those new courses cannot use EyeQ functionality on the Oculus Go introduced after December 2020.
  • When will you ship your Oculus Quest EyeQ release?
    – The Oculus Quest version is currently in development and entering final testing. We’ll inform you on our website when this version is ready.
  • Will you charge extra for the Oculus Quest app version?
    – No, the EyeQ Oculus Quest version will be available at no extra cost and be included in your current subscription license.
  • How will my app be distributed on the Oculus Quest? I understand there’s no Oculus Keys distribution mechanism?
    – That is correct. Oculus has announced a new, simplified, distribution path for Oculus Quest apps. According to Oculus this will be available from early 2021. We’ll update you with new information when this comes available.

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